• "In the view of the court, Mr. Ganassini was a most impressive witness. He was confident and knowledgeable in his testimony. His credentials were very sound. Most importantly, he was meticulous in his concern to stay within the bounds of his knowledge and his expertise when giving testimony. When questioned about matters beyond that expertise he consistently declined to offer speculative views. The court finds that of all of the witnesses, the testimony of Mr. Ganassini is to be preferred upon any disputed technical issue. The highly credible testimony of Mr. Ganassini (corroborated by the results of the IKO testing reported by Mr. Fee) puts paid to the theory of the corporate Defendant that an inherent flaw in the TKO shingles was the cause of the harm suffered by the Plaintiff. The contrary argument of the defence on this point is totally without merit."


    Deputy Judge James L. Robinson,
    October 22, 2010

  • Hi Marco,

    Congratulations!!! I just got notice that we won our case!!!

    Please read the judge's complimentary remarks about you. Page 16 was one of my favourites! Apparently calling you was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my lifetime. (Next to marrying Marcella of course)

    Please give Iris a big hug for us and thank her for being part of the team.

    God bless you both.

    Dennis and Marcella

  • I would unconditionally recommend Marco Ganassini and Frontline Home Inspections to anyone with concerns about the construction of their new home. Marco's initial report was thorough, comprehensive and most importantly specific enough to be of great assistance in completing my 30 day and year end reports for Tarion.

    Further, Marco always responded promptly to inquiries and offered suggestions and clarifications when I had to appeal decisions made by Tarion. Nearly two years later Marco is still assisting me and visited my home to provide further assessments and identify relevant issues to assist me in preparation for a Legal Appeal Tribunal.

    His expertise in new home warranties is unparalleled and his commitment to assisting clients is invaluable to homeowners such as myself when dealing with builders and Tarion.

    UPDATE: Thank you so much Marco!
    Using supportng information provided by Marco during the inspection and follow-up visits, I received a settlement after the pre-hearing that was sufficient to address the costs of resolving the issues in dispute. In order to proceed with the appeal process it is critical to have independent assessments given that Tarion and the builder have access to a variety of expert testimony. Without the independent assessments and follow up provided by Marco, I do not believe I would have achieved the settlement that I did.

    Mark Fallis
    Toronto, Ontario

  • Hi Marco,

    We took possession of our newly constructed home on January 2008. We would like to thank you, for giving us a package inspection deal on our new house (30 day, 1st year and 2nd year) and thank you for educating us at the same time.

    You saved us, thousands of dollars from repair cost through your inspection that the builder had to fix throughout the warranty period.

    Every night, we sleep with a peace of mind, knowing full well that our house was built properly and that all deficiencies were corrected.

    See you on the 7th year inspection.

    Danny and Madelyn
    November 2009
    Milton, Ontario

  • Marco was magnificent!

    Marco of Frontline Home Inspection was truly magnificent. He came to inspect the home we had conditionally purchased. He missed nothing. Despite the presence of the other agent and the selling family, Marco pressed on and saw many serious problems. He found excessive mould in the attic and an addition that had been put on which was not up to code, we discovered later not having had permits! Thankfully, Marco is a certified building code expert.

    He saved us many thousands of dollars!

    He is what every home inspector should be, highly professionally trained, has experience in the building sector and has intuitive ears,eyes and nose to sense out all the problems!

    He is the best, better than the guy on TV.

    Wendy Brookes in Clarkson

  • I helped my brother move over the weekend, and they kept going on and on about this home inspector about how good and thorough he was, They said he had all these qualifications and I should use his services, I told them I did my inspection already. They kept on talking and talking and then I said to myself it had to be Marco, and I was right. We are all thrilled with your professionalism service, and knowledge. Keep up the good work. Do you remember Winston and Stephanie? They bought a Semi close to the McLaughlin and Derry area.

    Ricky Lewis

  • Marco and Iris - Frontline home Inspectors

    Thank you for continuing to provide the clients who I refer to you with great service, advice and keen observations with their home inspections. All of my clients who have chosen to use you as their home inspector continue to remind me how happy they are not only with their new homes, but more importantly with the service and advice you had given them.

    Your wealth of knowledge has made my life and job easier. Your honest approach to business makes me and my clients feel very comfortable and informed when going through the difficult process inspecting their new home or when preparing their home for the marketing process.

    Great job. Great service?. It shows that you really care about your work and clients.

    You truly conduct your business with integrity.

    Sincerely yours, Mark Pospisil

  • Hello Marco,

    Thank you so much for your thorough inspection and explanation of all the positives and negatives of our new home. You helped to reduce the stress of home buying by letting me know exactly what we are getting into as far as future maintenance of the house. I really appreciate you fitting me in last minute....Joseph said you have a very busy schedule because you are the best in the business and I agree with him. If you could forward me the yearly maintenance schedule that you have created it would be great. My dad was very impressed with the binder and the inspection that you did....he said it will make his job "fix up" job a lot easier!

    Thank you again for your time and I look forward to receiving your package on yearly maintenance.

    Stephanie Harding

  • "Hi Marco, Here is the second testimonial. What can I say: Arek and I love having you on our team."

    Dear Marco,

    Thank you for completing the inspection for our Second Year Tarion form. One of the best choices we made when purchasing our new home was acquiring the services of Frontline Home Inspectors, which we have relied on for ALL of the warranty form submissions.

    Your advice has continued to be of value, and we appreciated your professionalism and unwaveringly great attitude that all can be put to right. You have consistently demonstrated that you are interested in seeing us get the home we paid for, and through your efforts, we are well on our way to realizing that vision.

    Though we did not think there would be much to report at this point, you spotted some new problems and some incomplete items the builder had marked as complete. We were very pleased that Tarion allowed us to attach the report you prepared to the form without having to transcribe it. How convenient!

    Further, the service we received exemplifies our definition of value and the excellent follow-up support (which we have used more than once) was a true bonus. For sure, the work that has been done to repair the discrepancies on our home* has saved us a bundle. So, thank you for checking, rechecking and checking again, to ensure that all the repairs have been completed properly.

    We wish you all the best as you have provided us with no less in service and peace of mind. We would not buy another home without you!

    Sincerely, Arek and Marcie

  • Marco and Iris,

    In the process of purchasing a new home this year, my realtor had recommended "Front Line Home Inspectors" and other Inspection companies to conduct my home inspection.

    Given the size of the home I was looking to purchase and the fact my offer was conditional, I was a bit apprehensive about the cost of the inspection verses the benefit of having the inspection completed. Given that the purchase of a new home is one of the largest investments a family can make, I decide it best to have an inspection done.

    I called several Inspection firms and settled on Front Line Home Inspectors based on two items:

    1) The receptionist "Iris" was exceptionally pleasant, efficient and provided options on times and availability of the inspection.

    2) Marco Ganassini's credentials were of the highest caliber, he was a previous builder and he is still actively taking courses to improve his knowledge within the industry.

    Upon meeting Marco Ganassini at the Inspection I was amazed at all of the subtle inspection points that Marco focused on during the inspection. The points ranged from structure, foundation, brick work and rain gutters, window seals & down spouts, hot water heater & HVAC installation code etc. Marco pointed out the obvious items, but more importantly pointed out items that I would never have seen and on what items I should address when I took possession of the home.

    I had previously thought I had a good idea of how to maintain a home and what to look for when buying one. It was immediately obvious that Marco is an expert as he provides step by step instruction on how a home should be maintained and what to look for as you walk through the inspection.

    Although I did not end up with that home, I felt the was well spent.

    When I needed another property inspection this year (different home), I did not hesitate to call Marco again. He has provided additional support after the inspection and has provided tips and recommendations on maintaining and improving the house. I did not expect the great post inspection support. Marco is top shelf in knowledge, customer service, honesty and attitude. Hard traits to find in many business today.

    If you need a home inspection done, you need to call Front Line. He more than earns his fee.

    Marco & Iris, thanks again!

    Chris Roik

  • Marco,

    We wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for the thorough inspection you performed on our house. It is still the house we want to buy but it allowed us to negotiate in some major repairs (stucco, etc....). Your experience with construction was evident as we went through the house. The sellers agent's comments confirmed to us that we hired the right guy!

    Regards, Brian and Karen Parsons

  • Dear Marco,

    My wife Merideth and I had recently decided to make a housing change and were specifically looking into more established neighborhoods for homes with "character." Having only ever known new homes and not being tremendously knowledgeable in the ways of home building, finding these homes and deciding to purchase them hours after a quick tour was certainly not a stress free experience. However, after we met you and you simultaneously broke our hearts while saving us significant money and headache by finding a number of costly issues with the first property we had our eyes set on (issues others inspectors clearly had missed mind you), the process became a lot simpler for us. From that point on, we knew that before we bought a property we could depend on your expert evaluation which was just the peace of mind we needed.

    I would recommend you without hesitation, and indeed would implore others who are looking to assess properties to retain your services. .

    Wishing you the best and thanks again,

    Sincerely, Peter and Merideth

  • Dear Marco,

    It was our pleasure to have FrontLine conduct the inspections for our 30-day and year-end warranty submissions. Our appointments commenced on time, discrepancies found were thoroughly explained and documented, and a professional report was provided from which we prepared our warranty forms.

    Though we were encouraged by family and friends (and the builder) to forego this process, we want to acknowledge that your guidance has been of great value in assisting us to resolve so many discrepancies.

    Interestingly, we have found a common belief to be that new homes are near-perfect, and that it is a waste of time and funds to hire a building consultant. The number of discrepancies we submitted demonstrates that belief is not accurate.

    For us, the cost of inspection far outweighed what it would have cost to have these items completed at our expense. Still, we were not willing to sacrifice peace of mind. Also, we knew we would not be able to identify most structural deficiencies or building code violations. That is why we selected FrontLine.

    Moreover, we were able to move forward confidently in dealing with the builder, knowing you would be available to support us through any twists and turns. You were instrumental in helping us maintain a positive perspective, and we appreciated your advice -- not to let these issues keep us from enjoying our new home.

    Marco, you have been a trusted friend in this process, someone to really count on for sound advice.

    Thank you, from our hearts, for all your efforts. We would not hesitate to call upon your services again, or recommend FrontLine Home Inspectors to all home purchasers that cross our path.

    Sincerely, Arek and Marcia

  • This is to let you know how pleased I am with the home inspection you performed, and the report you provided, in connection with our new home purchase. The inspection was very thorough and comprehensive. I was impressed with the time and care you took, not only with the work itself, but in going over the results and making recommendations. Your inspection played a major part in our decision to conclude the purchase, and allowed us to realistically assess what repairs are needed.

    I would be pleased to recommend your services to friends and colleagues.

    Ronald C.T. Danielsen, P. Eng.

  • When it was time for the year end inspection on our new home, Marco was highly recommended by friends and by our daughter and son-in-law. It is easy to see why. He is very professional, thorough, knowledgeable and at the same time very pleasant and congenial to work with. He took the time to carefully explain and point out all the flaws, deficiencies and imperfections that needed to be dealt with in a very easy to understand manner. We are certain he has saved us a considerable sum of money on minor deficiencies that could have become costly future repairs. We now are also aware of the positive aspects of our home, its maintenance, and of products and services available to enhance and improve the enjoyment of it.

    Overall, our home inspection was an extremely informative and pleasant experience and we would highly recommend Marco's services to anyone requiring a home inspection.

    Brad and Nancy Miller

  • I called Marco based on the testimonials on his website to conduct an inspection on my new home before the 1st year warranty expired. He conducted a thorough inspection of my home and provided me with a written report of my home's deficiencies (most of which I would never have discovered on my own) to send to my builder. The builder responded immediately after receiving my letter with Marco's report attached.

    I'd like to emphasize that when Marco finished his inspection, he guided me on how to approach the builder and assured me that I could contact him at any time if I had any other questions.

    It has been 11 months since Marco inspected my home and during that time I've had to contact him on 3 separate occasions for his opinion on work that my builder was performing that I wasn't sure was being done properly. On all 3 occasions Marco spent time giving me all the information needed on how to deal with my builder. For myself, having Marco reply to my calls and e-mails 11 months after inspecting my home shows that he is dedicated to his clients and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified and experienced Home Inspector.

    Mike Feltrin

  • Hi Marco,

    Both Daniela and I want to thank Front Line for outstanding service we recently experienced with using your company for a home inspection.Right from the promptness and professionalism from booking the appointment with Iris and entirely through the complete, thorough inspection you conducted, it was a very pleasant experience and ensured both of us we were in 'good hands' and had made the right choice! Exceptional personal and professional service separates successfull business' from mediocre one's and you all should be commended. With both of us professionals in the Financial Services Industry, we will definitely recommend Frontline!

    Dave and Daniela M.

  • Dear Mr. Ganassini:

    To thank you for your home inspection services would be a great understatement.

    In the past, all of my home purchases were brand new homes. Presently, we found a three-year-old home we wanted to purchase. Although I had some experience in construction and I had seen the property a few times, I was a little uneasy about what I was purchasing, what hidden problems (hidden to me, at least) may exist, and especially what the scoop was on septic tanks since I never lived in a house that had one.

    My real estate agent, Debra, asked me if I knew a home inspector, as she gathered there was someone I knew in every walk of life. Lucky for me, I did not. I had the great fortune of Debra recommending your services to me. I checked your website and felt much more at ease when I noticed your certifications and the fact that you were uniquely qualified in such a large industry and in such a large province. I was also grateful that you accepted my request even though it meant a good one hour drive to the property from your office.

    Having been my first experience with a house inspector, I was hoping I could tag along with you. I was relieved when my Agent told me that you requested that I attend the inspection.

    I cannot tell you how impressed I was with your work, your extensive knowledge, not only as an inspector who is checking to see that everything is accordance with the Building Code, but also as an experienced builder. You made me aware of so many things that, although they met the building code requirements, were in effect representative of shoddy workmanship and/or could develop into more serious problems in the future. You also were able to give me a very quick and knowledgeable opinion in terms of the cost to rectify the problems.

    I found the three-hour tour to be a great education. Just the education that I received was worth much more than what I paid for the inspection. The two friends that dropped by for ten minutes in the middle of the inspection later made the point of saying that they were impressed by you and that they could see right away that you knew what you were doing. You can expect referrals from them as well as me.

    Having said all of the above, I was then stupefied when you gave me the detailed report of the findings. All in all, you reported on over sixty items. The Vendor, whose was also the original builder, was initially in shock and very upset. Later on, he was humbled and indicated that he would do the repairs. After all, things are either done right or they are done wrong. He realized that all the points were valid and that the work would have to be done in order to get an occupancy permit. We later found out that there was never one issued and the previous tenants were renting a home without an occupancy permit.

    Well, thanks to you, I found out exactly what I was buying and I have been able to get the Vendor to attend to all of the major items, which also made up most of the list.

    In the end, I really enjoyed your company and you made the whole experience one to be remembered. I am sure you will hear my name over and over again because I will insist to anyone I know that is buying a house that they have to use you if they want to be safe.

    Yours sincerely,

    Vincent Ursini
    President and Chairman
    Canadian Professional Soccer League

  • I'd like to thank Marco at Frontline Home Inspections for the service he provided. He was able to fit us into his schedule even with the tight timeline we had on our inspection condition. He was extremely knowledgeable, and noted items I would never even had considered, and which could have potentially caused problems down the road if not dealt with. Despite the fact that there were items to have fixed, he also gave us reassurance of the good overall condition of the house, making us much more comfortable in our purchase. He also gave us detailed recommendations on items we could fix quite easily ourselves, and referred us to reputable contractors for the repairs outside of our ability. The experience with Marco has convinced me to never buy another home without first having a home inspection done.

    Thanks again, Stephen Niece

  • I expected to have someone come out to my new home and do a quick walk-around while they checked things off on a list in silence. At the end of it I would be handed a binder with the list and that would be it. Instead I was greeted by someone who was not only there to inspect my house and ensure that it was a good investment, but who explained what he was doing and why. I was educated on what's important to look for in a home, familiarized with my home in particular, and given helpful tips on how to maintain my house and take care of the small repairs it needed. Frontline has also answered my questions and provided referrals for qualified contractors long after our accepting our payment for the inspection. If you need a home inspection there are plenty of companies out there who can tell you your house in decent shape, but hiring Frontline has allowed me to know my house like the back of my hand before I've even moved in.

    Dan Legault

  • Having toured more than 30 houses in the last two months, I have seen a number houses in various states of repair: Marco's skill at identifying the not so noticeable issues turned out to be invaluable. I found a house that appeared to be sound, and I had my immediate family inspect it. Before deciding on this purchase I also wanted a registered house inspector and called Marco from FrontLine who went through the house two days later. Marco discovered that the basement was leaking, and had likely been leaking for years. Besides the costly expense (approximately $15,000) of replacing all the weeping tiles around the foundation, he uncovered mould that had spread throughout the house. Marco quantified the negative aspects of the house and put the issues into perspective. His friendly demeanour and knowledgeable background made it easy for me to ask questions and make an informed decision about all aspects of this house. Without his assessment I would have made a costly mistake. I would not consider buying another house without having Marco inspect it first.

    Kristen Glinka, B.Sc. M.Sc.

  • We called Frontline Home Inspectors for advice and help in dealing with our builder. We found Marco to be very knowledgable about the Ontario Building Code and was able to explain deficiencies in terms that were understandable. He explained our rights under our contract and we feel that we are in a better negotiating position with our builder.

    Thank you Frontline
    Shameze & Lynn Rampertab

  • My wife and I just took delivery of our first home and unfortunately we have run into some problems with our builder. We were very lucky to have chosen Marco Ganassini of Frontline Home Inspectors to help us with a detailed home inspection both before and at the time of our closing.
    Right from the first day we met Marco, his knowledge and commitment empowered us with the information we needed to deal with our builder on equal ground. Our story is still not complete and we anticipate a long battle to bring our home up to the standards that we expected when we purchased, but having Marco on our side has given us hope that this will be possible.

    Marc and Sharon Drouillard

  • I can't thank you enough for the absolutely thorough job you did on our recent home inspection. What struck me the most was your expertise, your qualifications, and all of the knowledge you have regarding home inspections and home renovations. I was impressed by the amount of time you spent performing the inspection and more importantly all the time you had allotted to explain the results of the inspection and answering all our questions. I know that you would not hesitate to assist us with any related question in the future regarding the purchase of our new home.

    Based on your inspection, I felt confident about the purchase of the home and I truly felt that you had our best interests at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend you to our closest family and friends.

    Marco, you also have a winning personality (you were great with our Kids) and you truly set the bar when it comes to entire home inspection process!

    Thank you. Wishing you continued success.
    Bruna and Terry Hickey

  • We called Marco to conduct an ONHWP inspection on our new house and were quite impressed on how comprehensive and thorough he was. Not only did he uncover a number of deficiencies that we didn't know existed, but he also provided some useful tips on maintaining our home. We have recommended Marco to everyone and two of neighbours have (happily) heeded our advice!

    Dean Hess & Pauline McBeath

  • I was impressed with the efficient, courteous service I received from Front Line Home Inspectors. The inspection was extremely thorough; Marco found deficiencies in both interior & exterior areas that I would have never thought to have looked. It gives me & my family peace of mind knowing that the next time we move we have a professional home inspector on our side.

    Thank you.

  • Marco Ganassini from FRONTLINE HOME INSPECTORS has performed numerous home inspections for my clients. I have found him to be sincere, knowledgeable and extremely thorough while examining both resale and new homes. Clients are guaranteed to have a better understanding of what current and future costs are required. His commitment and professionalism to the industry places him at the "front of the line" of home inspectors.

    Jack Desimone

  • Marco was prompt, thorough, professional, knowledgeable and polite. It was easy to see how much he enjoys his job. He took the time to explain everything in an easy to understand manner and as others have already commented...he noticed deficiencies I would have never found myself. I would not hesitate to recommend Marco from FrontLine Home Inspectors to anybody looking for his services. Marco, you are truly one-in-a-million.

    Paul M (Vaughan, Ontario)

  • I really appreciate the highest quality of hands-on-training and a great educational experience I received from Marco Ganassini of FrontLine Home Inspectors and Building Consultants, he is a great teacher and an excellent inspector. He is very knowledgeable, polite and personable and I would highly recommend Marco Ganassini of FrontLine Home Inspectors and Building Consultants to anyone looking for quality service and a thorough home inspection.

    Thank you,
    Ilyas Khan, Mississauga

  • I wish to express my satisfaction for an extremely detailed and thorough home inspection conducted by Marco Ganassini of Frontline Home Inspectors. Marco clearly explained to us what he was doing, and also gave us helpful advice for maintaining our house.

    Thank you,
    Lawrence D'souza

  • We were relocating to the Burlington area and needed to find a Home Inspector. I had a list of several to choose from. Based upon a very strong recommendation, we selected Marco Ganassini of Frontline Home Inspectors.

    Mr. Ganassini took the time to explain his inspection process, encouraging as many questions as needed. Furthermore, he insisted that we could contact him at a later date should we have additional questions.

    Marco described all facets of the house and related surroundings, from both a positive and negative perspective. I found him to be extremely detail oriented, providing clear explanations of problem areas and resolutions. Additionally, he provided ratings in relation to the severity of the problems and how immediate the repair would need to be.

    I found Mr. Ganassini extremely easy to communicate with and would highly recommend him and Frontline Home Inspectors to anyone who wishes to feel totally satisfied with their home inspection experience.

    Les and Natalie Goger